Thursday, October 8, 2009


While traveling in Poland in 1984 I had the privilege of visiting the German prison camp called Auschwitz. It was a death camp that had been used to murder some 4 million people.
From the moment you walked into the camp you could tell that some horrible events had taken place. The stench of death, even 40 years following WW 2, was very prevalent. Our tour guide was like a zombie as she went through each place and explained the tortures and torments and death that took place. She said everything as simply matter of fact with no emotion. I asked her later about that and she told me she had to do it that way or she would cry through the whole tour.
In the museum center one of the first things you see is a huge jar full of ashes. It is the remains of a few of those that were murdered in the camp. We walked through the torture chambers that were three feet by three feet and six feet tall. You could almost hear the screams as you looked at the fingernail scratchings from some of the people that were simply left to die without food or water.
At one of the walls in between the dorms was a place where one of the German officers shot to death with his pistol over 10,000 souls. They said the blood was over four feet deep in the ground at this wall when the camp was liberated.
Death was everywhere. When you entered into the mess hall to eat there would be people hanging on the gallows. Wholesale slaughter was everywhere. The prisoners were shaved of all their hair and their hair was woven and made into blankets and sold back in Germany. Everything they owned was stripped from them and for those that were not sent to the gas chambers they slowly died of hunger.
I went into the gas chambers where on a good day they would murder over 12,000 souls. I visited the crematoriums where they burned so many bodies that toward the end of WW2 they had to dredge the nearby river because the ashes of the bodies had caused the river to overflow the banks.
A German doctor by the name of Mengele was know as the Doctor of Death. He did horrible experiments on children, especially twins, before murdering them. On and on I could go about this terrible place.
When I went back to my hotel room that night I just wept and wept and kept asking God what we had learned as a people from these atrosities. The answer surprised me when I felt God telling me, "You have learned nothing except how to be more efficient killers." He showed me the millions of unborn babies we slaughter each year through abortion. He reminded me we have our own "Doctor of Death" in those that want to kill the elderly and handicapped and in His word He tells us that in the last days sin will get worse and worse.
Pray for America and our world. Christians have the only hope of survival and we must be about our Father's business by telling everyone of His Hope.
Yours in Christ,
Dr. John Shane

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