Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuberculosis Hospital

We visit many different places where hurting people are. In Russia I was asked by a Pastor to visit a tuberculosis hospital for adults. Upon our arrival I needed to use the restroom and someone told me where it was. Entering the rest room you noticed that it had not been cleaned in days. There was blood and mucus everywhere from the coughing wheezing people who lived in this terrible place.
We went into the living area of this hospital only to discover it was more like an open barracks. There were some sheets put up to separate the really sick folks. I was asked to speak to the patients. As I looked at them I saw some of the most hopeless people I have ever seen. They were not tended to by nurses, there was no medication given to them for their disease, it was simply a place for them to die.
I wanted to give them hope so I told them about how God had healed my back when the doctors had told me I would be totally disabled for the rest of my life. One man listened intently to my story and the message of how Christ can save and forgive them right now. When I finished he pointed his finger at me and said, "liar". He said if God had healed me then show him the scars on my back. I had had two major back surgeries and the scars were quite prevalent so I lifted up my shirt and showed him my scars.
This same man who was so bitter about his circumstance began to weep and he just fell into my arms. I held him for the longest time and was able to lead him to the sinners prayer as he openly confessed his sins and received Christ.
Dr. John Shane

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  1. It is so overwhelming sometimes to see the need but it is equally overwhelming to see the mercy and grace the Lord extends through the Holy Spirit when we are faithful to give Him the opportunity to change lives ... bless you for your faithfulness and your great big heart for people!